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We live in a world driven by data. There are veritable canyons of data out there, mountains of data, rivers of data. The question today isn't whether the data you are looking for exists, but rather where to find it, and how to consume it. infocanyon's goal is to solve that problem.

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We are always looking to increase the amount of accessible data. It's all there, and simply needs to be provided to you. Contact us to request something you couldn't find.


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Below are the products we currently offer. Try them out! Our goal is to make accessing data as simple as possible. We are constantly updating the information available to you.
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  • Routing Numbers
    Routing Numbers

    Search for a bank's routing transit number (ABA routing number, RTN, or SWIFT code) or search for a bank's information using a routing number.

  • ZIP Codes
    ZIP Codes

    Search for a city's ZIP codes or search for a city using a ZIP code.


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